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Marble Shower Cleaning and Stain Removal Methods

If you are lucky enough to have mar­ble in your bath­room, you know it adds upscale beau­ty. The colour vari­a­tions of mar­ble add a lev­el of sophis­ti­ca­tion to any space. Yet, the beau­ty of mar­ble comes with some com­pli­ca­tions too, espe­cial­ly in the bath­room. Do you strug­gle with how to keep the mar­ble in your bath­room clean? Read on for some clean­ing tips for your mar­ble show­er and bath­room.

Keep Up With It Daily

While mar­ble in the bath­room is both beau­ti­ful and state­ment wor­thy, it real­ly does­n’t like to be wet con­tin­u­ous­ly. Dai­ly care of your mar­ble is key to keep­ing this porous rock from absorb­ing soap scum and water from the show­er. After show­er use, wipe the show­er down so water does­n’t sit on the mar­ble. Keep microfiber tow­els near the show­er. Once done show­er, sim­ply wipe the sur­faces down with a clean microfiber tow­el. This pre­vents hard water deposits or soaps from absorb­ing into the porous sur­faces of the mar­ble.

Choose Cleaning Products Carefully

Mar­ble is stone and it is also frag­ile. Choos­ing the wrong clean­ers can actu­al­ly dam­age the mar­ble sur­face. Don’t choose any clean­ers with an acid-base. While many swear by using vine­gar for clean­ing, this is a ter­ri­ble idea for your mar­ble sur­faces. Choose clean­ers for your mar­ble bath­room that are Ph neu­tral.

Tips For Cleaning

Con­sid­er these tips for clean­ing and main­tain­ing your mar­ble show­er and bath­room sur­faces.

  • In addi­tion to wip­ing it down dai­ly. Clean it fre­quent­ly. This pre­vents stains and big­ger prob­lems from devel­op­ing.
  • Keep your mar­ble tiles dry. After wip­ing them down, leave on a fan to reduce the humid­i­ty in your bath­room.
  • As already men­tioned, your every­day bath­room clean­ers are not a good choice for mar­ble. Read labels and select a clean­er made for mar­ble.
  • Keep your mar­ble sealed. This pre­vents it from absorb­ing water and soap and get­ting stains.

When you clean your mar­ble bath­room, you also want to choose clean­ing mate­ri­als that won’t scratch or dam­age the sur­face. Clean­ing your mar­ble is not the time to get out the scrub brush.

Professional Help

If you bought a house with mar­ble that was­n’t cared for prop­er­ly or your mar­ble bath­room has got­ten away from you, it might be time to call in the pro­fes­sion­als to restore your mar­ble to its nat­ur­al beau­ty. A pro­fes­sion­al will know how to best han­dle mar­ble show­er stain removal. They also offer ser­vices for mar­ble that include:

  • Clean­ing and Seal­ing
  • Lip­page Removal
  • Re-Grout­ing
  • Com­pre­hen­sive Main­te­nance Pro­grams

If you are unsure of how to fix a prob­lem with your mar­ble bath­room because it is stained or there is mildew, con­sid­er call­ing a pro­fes­sion­al for advice and help.

Cleaning Your Marble Shower

You want your mar­ble show­er look­ing both clean and beau­ti­ful. After all, mar­ble is clas­si­cal and ele­gant, your bath­room should be the same way. Con­sid­er giv­ing us a call for a free quote and con­sul­ta­tion about your mar­ble bath­room. With years of expe­ri­ence car­ing for mar­ble, we can help restore your mar­ble bath­room to its orig­i­nal glo­ry. Con­tact us today for help and advice.

Marble Cleaning — Shower Stain Removal

There is noth­ing worse than hav­ing streaks all over your show­er unit, ruin­ing the love­ly mar­ble you have in the show­er.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly water is not marble’s best friend and good­ness only knows what kind of chem­i­cals are in all those shampoo’s we use!iStock_000001223307MediumWe have been to many apart­ments where strong clean­ing liq­uids have been used to clean the show­er units only for the liq­uid to burn right through the mar­ble sur­face and leave the area worse than when you start­ed. Mar­ble is a love­ly durable stone. Stur­dy as it is, how­ev­er, it is also very porous and stains eas­i­ly; reg­u­lar care is essen­tial. We will be hap­py to come and have a look at your show­er unit and give you a no oblig­a­tion quote for the works. We will also advice you on how to best look after your show­er unit so you won’t have to call out anoth­er mar­ble clean­ing com­pa­ny to re-ren­o­vate..

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