Marble Cleaning — Shower Stain Removal

There is nothing worse than having streaks all over your shower unit, ruining the lovely marble you have in the shower.

Unfortunately water is not marble’s best friend and goodness only knows what kind of chemicals are in all those shampoo’s we use! We have been to many apartments where strong cleaning liquids have been used to clean the shower units only for the liquid to burn right through the marble surface and leave the area worse than when you started. Marble is a lovely durable stone. Sturdy as it is, however, it is also very porous and stains easily; regular care is essential.
We will be happy to come and have a look at your shower unit and give you a no obligation quote for the works. We will also advice you on how to best look after your shower unit so you won’t have to call out another marble cleaning company to re-renovate..

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