Marble Cleaning Shower Stain Removal

Marble Shower Cleaning and Stain Removal Methods

Marble floors add elegance to any home interior space. When clean and polished, they are stately and grand. But if you have marble in your home, you know it isn’t without its challenges. Keeping this porous surface both clean and polished can be tricky and requires careful attention. Marble floor cleaning also requires careful consideration for materials and cleaning supplies. Read on to learn everything you need to know about your marble floors and why it might be a good idea to hire professionals to help maintain these beautiful floors.

Understanding Marble and what makes it stain or etch

If you are lucky enough to have marble in your bathroom, you know it adds upscale beauty. The colour variations of marble add a level of sophistication to any space. Yet, the beauty of marble comes with some complications too, especially in the bathroom. Do you struggle with how to keep the marble in your bathroom clean? Read on for some cleaning tips for your marble shower and bathroom.

Ensure your marble is kept dry

While marble in the bathroom is both beautiful and statement worthy, it really doesn’t like to be wet continuously. Daily care of your marble is key to keeping this porous rock from absorbing soap scum and water from the shower. After shower use, wipe the shower down so water doesn’t sit on the marble. Keep microfiber towels near the shower. Once done showering, simply wipe the surfaces down with a clean microfiber towel. This prevents hard water deposits or soaps from absorbing into the porous surfaces of the marble.

Choose Cleaning Products Carefully

Marble is stone and it is also fragile. Choosing the wrong cleaners can actually damage the marble surface. Don’t choose any cleaners with an acid-base. While many swear by using vinegar for cleaning, this is a terrible idea for your marble surfaces. Choose cleaners for your marble bathroom that are Ph neutral.

Tips For Cleaning Marble Showers & Bathrooms

Consider these tips for cleaning and maintaining your marble shower and bathroom surfaces.

  • In addition to wiping it down daily. Clean it frequently. This prevents stains and bigger problems from developing.
  • Keep your marble tiles dry. After wiping them down, leave on a fan to reduce the humidity in your bathroom.
  • As already mentioned, your everyday bathroom cleaning products are not a good choice for marble bathrooms. Read labels and select a cleaner made for marble.
  • Keep your marble sealed. This prevents it from absorbing water and soap and getting stains. The only real way to do this is by calling a marble floor expert.

When you clean your marble bathroom, you also want to choose cleaning materials that won’t scratch or damage the surface. Cleaning your marble is not the time to get out the scrub brush. Use fine wire wool which will not damage your marble and can easily remove any residue that is on the marble floor.

Getting Professional Help for your Marble bathroom

If you bought a house with marble that wasn’t cared for properly or your marble bathroom has lost it’s shine, it might be time to call in the marble professionals to restore your marble bathroom to its natural beauty. A marble professional will know how to best handle marble shower stain removal. They also offer services for marble that include:

  • Cleaning and Sealing your marble bathroom tiles
  • Lippage Removal
  • Re-Grouting
  • Comprehensive Marble Maintenance Programs

If you are unsure of how to fix a problem with your marble bathroom because it is stained or there is mildew, feel free to call us for free marble care advice.

Cleaning Your Marble Shower

You want your marble shower looking both clean and beautiful. After all, marble is classical and elegant, your bathroom should be the same way. Consider giving us a call for a free quote and consultation about your marble bathroom. With years of experience caring for marble, we can help restore your marble bathroom to its original glory. Contact us today for help and advice.

Marble Cleaning and Shower Stain Removal

There is nothing worse than having streaks all over your shower unit, ruining the lovely marble you have in the shower.

Unfortunately water is not marble’s best friend and goodness only knows what kind of chemicals are in all those shampoo’s we use!iStock_000001223307MediumWe have been to many apartments where strong cleaning liquids have been used to clean the shower units only for the liquid to burn right through the marble surface and leave the area worse than when you started. Marble is a lovely durable stone. Sturdy as it is, however, it is also very porous and stains easily; regular care is essential. We will be happy to come and have a look at your shower unit and give you a no obligation quote for the works. We will also advice you on how to best look after your shower unit so you won’t have to call out another marble cleaning company to re-renovate..

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