Marble Floor Cleaning

Professional Marble Floor Cleaning and Polishing

Marble floors add elegance to any home interior space. When clean and polished, they are stately and grand. But if you have marble in your home, you know it isn’t without its challenges. Keeping this porous surface both clean and polished can be tricky and requires careful attention. Marble floor cleaning also requires careful consideration for materials and cleaning supplies. Read on to learn everything you need to know about your marble floors and why it might be a good idea to hire professionals to help maintain these beautiful floors.

Understanding Marble

Before knowing how to tackle the maintenance, there are some things to understand about your marble. Marble is metamorphosed limestone. This means the limestone was melted and then resolidified into new stone. It is also a porous rock. This means it can easily absorb liquids or substances that might stain or damage the surface. For this reason, making sure your marble is properly sealed is important.

Marble Cleaning Supplies

Selecting the wrong cleaning materials can actually cause your marble more damage in the cleaning process. Most home cleaning supplies contain acid-based materials. These acids can damage the surface of the marble. Vinegar, for example, is often touted as a great cleaning supply. It can clean nearly anything some advocates suggest. Yet, using vinegar and water on your marble flooring can actually damage it because of its acidic properties. For this reason, if you are going to clean your marble yourself, you want to select ph-balanced cleaning supplies. Better, get a professional opinion. The last thing you want to do when trying to clean them is to damage the marble. Also, carefully consider what equipment you use. Rough brooms or vacuums that rotate can scratch or damage a floor. Using microfiber mop and rags are a good, non-abrasive choice for your marble floors.

Stains and Etches in Marble

If marble goes unprotected the inevitable stain will happen. Can stains be removed from marble? In many cases, yes they can. First, understand the difference between stains and etches in marble. Stains happen when the porous surface of marble absorbs another substance. This can cause a change of colour on the surface of the marble. Many stains can be eliminated when a professional works on the marble. Etch marks happen when those acidic cleaners hit the marble surface and cause corrosion to the surface of the marble. This is another reason to choose cleaning materials so carefully and to have professionals come in to seal your marble floor surfaces.

How Often To Clean and Treat Marble

There are many factors to consider when answering how often marble floors should be professionally cleaned and treated. Consider the following when deciding:

  • Current condition of the flooring
  • How much traffic the room gets
  • Last time the floors were polished and sealed

Floors that are maintained and regularly cared for will be in better shape than ones that need some restoration.

Marble Floor Cleaning, Professional and Polished

If you are fortunate enough to have beautiful marble floors in your home, be smart and take care of them too. Marble floor cleaning, repair, and sealing is what we do. Contact us today to get more information on our services and let us help you care for your marble floor.

The Process for Marble Floor Polishing

We have various systems that we use for marble floor cleaning and for natural stone surfaces that are scratched, dull, or badly worn. The process for marble cleaning entails a wet polishing system that leaves a clean smooth surface creating no dust. This fresh surface will enable the stone to be properly polished to the client’s specifications, allowing the natural luster and color of the stone/marble/granite to shine through. Depending on the condition of the stone surface and the type of finish the client requests, the service technicians determine what process to use. Marble Renovation use cutting edge technology to polish marble which is manufactured by our international affiliates HTC-Sweden and refined systems designed by ourselves to achieve unrivaled and outstanding results in the marble cleaning industry.

Contract Marble Cleaning Companies

With our specialist skills we believe that we can only add strength to your cleaning and maintenance operations which will give you peace of mind with regard to handling marble/granite/stone materials, while at the same time giving your clients further confidence in your established relationship.

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