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Andrew Smith


With over 35 years experience in the cleaning industry, Andrew Smith has a wealth of experience with all things ‘Marble’. Andrew has run successful companies both in Spain and the UK. Although retired, Andrew provides the business with a wealth of expert advice on different projects that the business work on. +44 (0)7894 834 255 +44 (0)203 673 9671

David Smith Segarra

Marble Renovator

With over 20 years experience in both Spain and the UK, David has always maintained a high level work rate that has helped Marble Renovation grow into the business it is today. David has extensive experience in both Marble care and all things digital. “I’m very proud of our reputation within the marble industry. We have always strived to ensure we give our customers 100%” +44 (0)7725 752 660 +44 (0)203 069 9150

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