Marble Repair

Marble repair and restoration

As you can see from the below video, it is crucial that you do not leave your marble tiles untreated. What starts as a little scratch can soon turn into a crack and then into a broken tile. It’s not a simple job to replace tiles as the surrounding tiles can easily become broken as well.

We can easily repair your marble, so no matter how deep or large the crack is, our marble repair team can bring back that shine.

The weather and everyday wear and tear can have a negative effect on marble but the main cause of problems with marble staining if due to moisture in the stone caused from either spilled drinks or water on our shoes. While marble is extremely durable and because of its limited porosity it doesn’t absorb lots of water, however, it does absorb some water/moisture, and if that water is rain water (which tends to be mildly acidic) the marble can suffer substantial deterioration if not looked after.

So, as marble is highly susceptible to acidic agents, the loss of polish and detailing can be quite high and these are the most common symptoms of weathering, especially the loss of polish/shine on the marble surface.

Water isn’t the only enemy! Oils, dyes/inks also can leave stains if not treated, obviously the depth of penetration will depend on a few different things, like for example the finish on the stone and the amount of time the oil is left on the marble, however, the longer you leave it on the marble the deeper the stain will be and the harder it will be for us to remove the stain.

Another common stain you’ll find on marble is rust. These stains are reddish-orange and are caused by the oxidation (rusting) of iron. Water penetrating bad joints or cracks can activate or accelerate the rusting. If the rust is only on the surface of the stone it will be easily removed with a cloth or some abrasive pads, however, if it’s within the marble itself it will be much harder to remove the stain completely.

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