Everything You Need to Know About Marble: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Marble in Your Home

Marble Renovations Initial Thoughts

If you’re considering using marble in your home, you may be wondering if it’s the right choice for you. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using marble in your home so that you can make an informed decision.

should i install marble in my home

Marble is a metamorphic rock that is composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. It is typically not foliated, although there are exceptions.

In geology, the term “marble” refers to metamorphosed limestone, but its use in stonemasonry more broadly encompasses unmetamorphosed limestone. Marble is commonly used for sculpture and as a building material.

The sheer beauty of some Marble can be breathtaking. From Carrara Marble to Crema Marfil there are hundreds of different types of Marble to choose from.

Marble Ratings & Best Maintenance Products

Marble Ratings

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With over 35 years experience in the natural stone restoration trade we give Marble the below durability ratings.

Scratch Resistant
Heat Proof

Best Cleaning Product

Best Marble Cleaning Product

By far the best product to clean Marble Countertops is Lithofin Power Clean. It’s acid free and suitable for all natural stone surfaces.

Best Sealant

Best Marble & Granite Sealer

There are many products in the market designed to seal your natural stone. This is by far the best for marble.

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Affiliate Disclosure

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What colors do Marble slabs come in?

Marble is generally a white stone. When limestone with few impurities deposits are formed, they will be white in hue. Marble that contains impurities such as clay minerals, iron oxides, or bituminous material can be bluish, gray, pink, yellow, or black.

A bright white color and high purity marble are both attractive features. It is commonly mined, crushed to a powder, and then refined to minimize impurities whenever possible. The end product is known as “whiting.” This white powder is utilized in paint, whitewash, putty, plastic, grout, cosmetics, paper, and other man-made goods as a colorant and filler.

How does Marble react to acids like lemon juice?

Marble is a chemical compound made up of calcium carbonate that reacts in contact with many acids, neutralizing the acid. It’s one of the most successful acid neutralization substances around. Marble is commonly crushed and utilized to neutralize acids in streams, lakes, and soils.

It’s also used in the chemical sector for acid neutralization. Calcium carbonate, which is found in antacids are sometimes manufactured from powdered marble. Acid reflux or indigestion are common digestive problems. Powdered marble is utilized in some medications as an inactive filler.

How hard is marble?

Marble is a material made out of calcium carbonate and has a Mohs hardness of three. As a result, marble is simple to carve and so it’s frequently utilized to create statues and decorative objects. Marble’s translucence makes it appealing for a wide range of works of art.

Marble is often used as a calcium supplement in animal feed since its low hardness and solubility make it suitable for this purpose. Calcium additives are particularly important for dairy cattle and egg-laying hens, among others. It’s also utilized as a low-hardness abrasive for cleaning bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

Can Marble be polished?

Marble can be polished to a high luster after being sanded with progressively finer abrasives. This allows for the creation of attractive marble pieces, such as floor tiles, architectural panels, facing stone, window sills, stair treads, columns, and other decorative stone components.

Top Marble Maintenance Tips

Should I install marble in my kitchen?

There are both advantages and disadvantages to installing marble in your kitchen. Some of the advantages include the beauty and durability of marble, as well as its resistance to heat. However, some of the disadvantages include the high cost of marble, as well as its susceptibility to staining. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to install marble in your kitchen depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Some other things to keep in mind if you are considering marble for your kitchen countertop are that it requires regular maintenance and can be easily damaged. marble is also a porous material, which means that it can absorb spills and stains if not properly sealed.

If you do decide to install marble in your kitchen, be sure to use a sealer specifically designed for marble, and be sure to clean up spills immediately. With proper care and maintenance, your marble countertop can last for many years.

Should I install Marble in my bathroom shower?

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are considering marble for your bathroom shower. First, marble is a porous material, which means it can absorb spills and stains if not properly sealed. Second, marble requires regular maintenance and can be easily damaged.

With that said, there are also several advantages to using marble in your bathroom shower. Marble is a beautiful material that can add value to your home. Additionally, marble is durable and resistant to heat.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to use marble in your bathroom shower depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you do decide to use marble in your shower, be sure to use a sealer specifically designed for marble and be sure to clean up spills immediately. With proper care and maintenance, your marble shower can last for many years.

How can I tell if marble is real?

If you have a magnifying glass, look for little holes or dents on the surface. If the surface is fake, you will see little holes where pockets of air popped from the mixing of plastic resin. If the surface is real, you will see natural dents from where it originally came from.

Why is marble so heavy?

Because of its density. Marble is a very heavy material. If you wish to put marble rocks in your countertop or flooring, you must first determine whether the surface can support the weight of the stone. As a result, calculating the weight of a marble tile is essential.

Reasons you can trust Marble Renovation

Advantages and disadvantages of installing marble at home


Durable: Marble is a highly durable stone that can endure decades of abuse and, more significantly, can withstand such abrasion for lengthy periods.

Hard: The toughness of marble is one of the primary reasons why people prefer it to other natural stones. Its hardness sets it apart from other natural stones and makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. As a result, it can with stand a wide range of foot traffic pressure and other repetitive loading and unloading.

Ease to Clean: Cleaning marble floors is usually easier than other carpet or mosaic floors. Follow our simple maintenance steps to ensure your marble floors last for years.

Increased home value and versatility: Marbles have grown in popularity over the last few years, and they are now available in a wide range of patterns, veins, and colors. Customers can easily pick the finest marble tiles for themselves based on their preferences, space, and needs.


Hard to replace tiles: Because marble is a natural stone, it’s difficult to come across the same pattern in the market when it needs replacement.

Low heat resistance: Because we all know that Marble is a low-heat-resistance stone, the floor in your bedroom would become extremely chilly during the winter season. As a result, it is not suited for areas with severe winters.

Cost: The cost of marble can be quite expensive depending on the quality, pattern, and color, compared to other natural stones

Maintenance: Unfortunately marble can scratch and stain easily. If you do not ensure your marble is well sealed and maintained regularly by a natural stone expert, your marble floor won’t last very long.

Soft: While marble is a very hard stone, it is still soft enough that acidic liquids can etch the surface. As a result, you have to be careful with what you spill on your floor and make sure to wipe it up immediately.

Porous: Marble is a porous material, which means it can absorb spills and stains if not properly sealed.

Final thoughts on Marble, and whether you should use it in your home.

Marble is a popular material for both sculpture and home design, but it also has some drawbacks. It is a soft stone that can be scratched and stained easily, and it is also quite expensive.

However, marble is still a very popular choice for many people because of its beauty and durability. If you do decide to use marble in your home, be sure to take proper care of it and have it sealed regularly to prevent stains and damage.

Don’t forget you can call us anytime if you have any questions or concerns about marble floor cleaning and polishing.

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