The Beauty of Marble

The sheer beauty of some Marble can be breathtaking. From Carrara Marble to Crema Marfil there are hundreds of different types of Marble to choose from. Marble is metamorphosed limestone , that is, limestone that has been melted and allowed to resolidify. The term marble is often used to refer to any hard, calcite rock that can be cut or polished, including some unmetamorphosed limestones. Luxury home interior Certain marbles have been valued since antiquity for sculpture and for architectural uses. The marbles prized for statuary are usually quite pure (i.e., white in color and free from inclusions or marks) and reflect light softly or semitranslucently due to their property of allowing some incident light to penetrate to a depth of about an inch (1–2.5 cm) before reflecting it.

Some marbles that show colorful patterning are used for decorative architecture. Patterning in marble arises from various trace minerals , most often silicates (e.g., quartz, olivine , garnet), graphite , pyrite, and organic substances. The magma responsible for metamorphosing the original limestone may also contribute impurities.

“We’ve been working with marble for many years now and have come across many different types of Marble.”

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