Black Galaxy Granite

Black Galaxy Granite: Starry Night in Your Kitchen

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Do you want to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen? Consider using black galaxy granite. This natural stone has a consistent black color with scattered copper-colored flakes, reminiscent of the night sky. It is also very durable, making it an excellent choice for countertops, bathroom vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, or outdoor living areas.

This stone, which is distinguished by its sleek appearance, black color, and gold flecks, has a long lifespan. The beauty, durability, and numerous other advantages that you will get from this stone make Star Galaxy Granite an excellent option for any home.

The popularity of this fantastic natural stone is no surprise, and it ranks highly on many people’s wish lists. It is quite possible that installing Star Galaxy granite will be one of the finest decisions you ever make for your house.

black galaxy granite

Where does this modern quality granite come from?

The black galaxy granite comes from the gabbro family of stones and is found in the Ongole region of South India. The granite has a Moh’s hardness rating of 4.5, which is considered somewhat hard. Granite is a hard, but not indestructible, substance. There are stronger building materials such as quartz, but granite is durable enough to withstand the majority of regular usage.

Star Galaxy Granite is most frequently used in flooring, staircases, and countertops. The material’s durability and attractiveness are features that often make it a popular choice in areas where many people walk.

The most popular type of finish is a highly polished one, which emphasizes the contrast and depth in colors. Flamed, honed, river-washed, and brushed finishes may also be utilized to great effect.

Black Galaxy Granite Ratings & Best Maintenance Products

Black Galaxy Granite Ratings

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With over 35 years experience in the natural stone restoration trade we give Black Galaxy Granite the below durability ratings.

Scratch Resistant
Heat Proof

Best Cleaning Product

Best Marble Cleaning Product

By far the best product to clean Black Galaxy Granite Countertops is Lithofin Power Clean. It’s acid free and suitable for all natural stone surfaces.

Best Sealant

Best Marble & Granite Sealer

There are many products in the market designed to seal your natural stone. This is by far the best for Black Galaxy Granite.

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Affiliate Disclosure

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What is Black Galaxy Granite Made Of?

Black Galaxy is a combination of mostly natural quartz and/or feldspar, as with most natural granite. Other substances may be present, although the primary minerals are those mentioned.

The minerals in a Star Galaxy Granite slab give it certain characteristics that entice people to buy it. Some of these qualities translate into useful properties for day-to-day use and maintenance.

For example, the presence of quartz makes black granite resistant to both staining and heat. You can place hot pots and pans on a countertop without damaging the surface.

The minerals feldspar and mica give black granite its unique appearance. The small, reflective flakes in Star Galaxy add depth and character to the stone. When you walk into a kitchen with a black granite worktop, you will notice how the light dances off of the surface.

The black color in a Black Galaxy Granite worktop comes from amphibole and pyroxene minerals. These are both dark-colored minerals that give the stone its black background color.


How Is Black Galaxy Granite Formed?

Star Galaxy granite is an igneous rock that forms as molten magma cools deep in the earth. The slow cooling process allows large crystals to form.

The black granite gets its name from the “galaxy” of black amphibole and pyroxene minerals that appear as stars in the night sky. These black minerals are suspended in a white or grayish-white matrix.

As the magma cools, the black minerals begin to crystallize and grow. The white or light-colored minerals fill in the spaces between the black crystals.

The slow cooling process allows large crystals to form, giving Black Galaxy its unique appearance.

Black Galaxy Granite Top Maintenance Tips

What Are The Advantages of Black Galaxy Granite?

Star Galaxy granite is a popular choice for many homeowners because of its beauty and durability. This natural stone can add an elegant atmosphere to your kitchen with qualities reminiscent of a beautiful starry night.

It is also heat resistant, making it a great choice for countertops, backsplashes, and flooring. Black Galaxy granite is easy to clean and maintain, and it will last for many years with proper care.

If you are considering black granite for your home, be sure to consult with a professional to get the best results. A qualified contractor will be able to help you select the right material and install it properly. With its beauty, durability, and many other benefits, black galaxy granite is an excellent choice for any home.


Star Galaxy granite is a hard substance and hard wearing. It may be used frequently and does not require much upkeep. However, in high-traffic areas, there’s a chance of damage. Dust, sand, and debris can all produce abrasions and scratches on the dark-colored surface that may be apparent.

Because granite is such a hard and strong substance, even when taken care of, precautions must be observed especially around the edges and corners. It’s somewhat brittle and can be fractured if subjected to a powerful blow with a hard object.

Star Galaxy Granite is scratch-resistant because of the material’s hardness. The material’s hardness also makes it heat resistant. Granite, unlike some manufactured stones, can endure heat and does not discolor or burn.


When it comes to maintaining your Star Galaxy surface, one of the tasks is to seal the stone using a natural stone sealer regularly over each square metre. You may want to pick a food-safe granite sealer that’s suitable for use with countertops made of Black Galaxy Granite if you have one.

Acidic liquids might harm the stone and should be kept away unless essential. Cleaners for special situations are available, but a warm soapy cloth or sponge should usually be enough.

Polish may be done at home to keep the stone’s appearance and luster if it has a polished finish. If another type of finish has been applied (leather, honing, etc.), it’s probably best to have a professional refinish the surface to preserve the stone’s quality.

The basic concept is to develop a daily cleaning and sealing routine for your natural Star Galaxy Granite surface. It all just becomes second nature after you’ve established a regular procedure for keeping it clean and sealed. A good routine for maintaining natural granite, including Black Galaxy, basically involves the following:

Neutral Soap: Use a non-acidic pH-neutral cleaner to prevent the sealer from degrading and remove any debris from the surface.

Seal: Reseal the surface of your installed granite.

Polish: Using a buffed and polished natural stone sealer once in a while guarantees that the surface of the natural stone is maintained.

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Final Thoughts on Black Galaxy Granite

Finally, Black Galaxy Granite surfaces make for extremely durable residential surfaces and may be difficult to install on your own. The greatest outcomes can be achieved if you have your Black Galaxy Granite countertop installed by a professional using the appropriate tools and equipment.

Furthermore, how you maintain the surface after installation will have a significant impact on the life of your Black Galaxy kitchen countertop surface. Remember to develop a routine that involves cleaning and sealing regularly in order to get the most out of your black galaxy granite surface.

Don’t forget you can call us anytime if you have any questions or concerns about caring for your granite worktops.

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