Viscount White Granite

Viscount White Granite: The Perfect Stone for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Marble Renovations Initial Thoughts

If you are in the market for a new countertop, Viscount White Granite is a great option to consider. This natural stone features a beautiful appearance of swirls of white, grey, and black hues that will enhance the look of any kitchen or bathroom.

Viscount White is a popular granite stone that is known for its durability and neutral tones. Each slab is different, so you can be sure that your countertop will be one-of-a-kind. If you are looking for a unique and beautiful natural stone countertop slab, Viscount White Granite is worth considering!

Viscount White Granite

Viscount White Granite is also known as

Viscount White is also known as Silver Cloud Granite, Viscont White, Bianco Viscont White, Wiscont White, Visconte White, Viskont, Madanapalle White, Mandana Pali White.

Viscount White Granite Ratings & Best Maintenance Products

Viscount White Granite Ratings

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With over 35 years experience in the natural stone restoration trade we give Viscount White Granite the below durability ratings.

Scratch Resistant
Heat Proof

Best Cleaning Product

Best Marble Cleaning Product

By far the best product to clean Viscount White Granite Countertops is Lithofin Power Clean. It’s acid free and suitable for all natural stone surfaces.

Best Sealant

Best Marble & Granite Sealer

There are many products in the market designed to seal your natural stone. This is by far the best for Viscount White Granite.

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Affiliate Disclosure

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Where is Viscount White Granite Quarried?

Viscount White granite is a popular stone mined near Madanapalle in India. It has a variety of white, gray, and black hues, making it ideal for contemporary bathroom and kitchen countertops. Viscount White looks very gentle, making it the dream of every designer.

Viscount White Granite is a good choice for a countertop because it is less expensive than other types of countertops, and it is also very durable. In this article, we will go into more detail about Viscount White Granite.

Should You Choose Viscount White Granite Countertops?

Viscount White granite is heat resistant, so it’s excellent for preparing food around a range or cooktop. Granite not only withstands heat but also resists stains. When properly sealed, Viscount White granite worktops will not absorb liquids.

This granite design looks like marble but is more durable. It also costs less than marble countertops. Depending on your project details, viscount white granite might be a better price point than quartz countertops.

Viscount White Granite can be used for residential or commercial projects. If you are looking for a white granite countertop with swirls of gray and black, Viscount White is a great option to consider. This natural stone is durable, heat resistant, and stain-resistant, making it perfect for any kitchen island, full-height backsplash or bathroom application.

Viscount White Granite Top Maintenance Tips

Benefits of Viscount White Granite

For a variety of reasons, Viscount White granite is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. It can be found in residential properties and commercial alike. Designers and homeowners adore using this material because its a great choice for backsplashes and waterfall counterops and because of its unique characteristics, including:

Marble look and feel

Many people like Viscount White granite because it looks like marble. It has a stark black and white movement that makes it look natural. This can complement different kitchen designs.


The veining in Viscount White granite is not as pronounced as in some other types of granite. This can give your kitchen or bathroom a more subtle look.

Heat resistance

Viscount White granite is heat resistant, making it a good option for areas where there will be a lot of cooking, such as around a range or cooktop.

Stain resistance

Viscount White granite is also resistant to stains, so you don’t have to worry about spills and other accidents.


Viscount White granite slabs are one of the most durable materials for home projects, resisting heat, scratches, staining, and moisture absorption. Viscount White granite has a Mohs hardness of 7 and is hard, dense, and free of natural fissures. Compared to marble, quartzite, quartz countertops and other types of granite, it has improved

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How to Care and Maintain Viscount White Granite

Viscount White granite has a number of features and advantages that make it stand out. Viscount White Granite, like other granite varieties, is simple to clean with a damp cloth and water.

Only utilize specialized cleaning chemicals that identify themselves as granite-safe. Use common cleansers with caution. At least once a year, seal your Viscount granite surfaces to keep them looking newer for longer.

Can Viscount White Granite Stain?

Granite slabs are porous, and stains can occur on any granite, including Viscount White. Granite (particularly light hues) may be stained more readily than others. Viscount White Granite is a light-colored granite that is also quite dense, so it does not stain easily.

Having said that, it is still possible for Viscount White slabs to stain if it is not sealed properly or if it comes into contact with a substance that can penetrate the sealant.

To avoid staining, Viscount White slabs should be sealed at least once a year and spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Can Viscount White Granite be Used Outdoors?

Some granite slabs are not recommended for outdoor use, but Viscount White is durable enough for projects outside. Marble, quartzite, and other types of granite are not recommended for outdoor use. Viscount White granite is a good choice for an outdoor kitchen countertop because it is heat resistant and does not stain easily.

When choosing Viscount White counters for an outdoor project, keep in mind that it is a light-colored granite and may need to be sealed more often than other types of granite.

Final Thoughts On Viscount White Granite Countertops

Viscount White granite is a beautiful, durable, and versatile material that is perfect for a variety of applications. Viscount White granite is heat resistant and stain resistant, making it an ideal choice for kitchen countertops or outdoor projects.

Viscount White granite is also easy to care for and maintain with regular sealing and cleaning. If you are looking for a stunning material that will stand the test of time, Viscount White granite is an excellent choice.

Don’t forget you can call us anytime if you need a marble floor cleaning and polishing company to look after your stone surfaces.

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