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The Difference Between Honed Marble vs Polished Marble

Confused about honed marble vs polished marble? Many are. In this post, we'll cover the differences between these countertop types, including what they are, how they differ, and which is best for your kitchen or bathroom.
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Honed Marble vs Polished Marble

Honed marble refers to a marble countertop that’s been ground down to a smooth, flat surface. The process of honing removes any imperfections in the surface of the stone, such as scratches or etches. 

A honed finish means a stone countertop has been grounded to a smooth, flat consistent surface with very fine abrasives.

Instead of polishing, the natural stone is left with a matte finish and a velvety feel. This type of finish is growing in popularity because it requires less maintenance than a polished finish and it has a more modern look.
Polished marble is exactly what it sounds like: polished. The natural stone is put through a grinding process that leaves it with a glossy shine, enhanced by the natural reflection in the stone’s crystals.

 This type of finish has been popular for many years and it gives the marble a classic shiny finish look.

Why You Can Trust Marble Renovation

Reasons to Trust Marble Renovation
Reasons to Trust Marble Renovation
Reasons to Trust Marble Renovation
Reasons to Trust Marble Renovation

Best Maintenance Products For Stone Surfaces

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Honed Marble vs Polished Marble, which is best for your kitchen and bathroom countertops?

So, which one is right for you? Honed marble vs polished marble? It depends on your personal preference. If you want a low-maintenance finish with a modern look, honed marble is a great option with its matte surface finish.
If you prefer the classic look of polished marble, then that is what you should choose. Ultimately, it is up to you! Let's look at some pros and cons of each type of marble finish.
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Honed Marble Characteristics

A honed marble slab has been ground down to a smooth, flat surface. Instead of being polished, the natural stone is left with a matte or satin finish and a velvet feel. A honed finish will reflect light nicely.

Honed marble is more durable. It's more scratch-resistant, yet even when it does scratch, it looks less noticeable when scratched than polished marble.

Heat Resistant. Honed marble is more heat resistant. It can withstand higher temperatures without being damaged.

Less Protected. Because it isn't polished, stains are more likely to occur than if it were. This is readily resolved by cleaning up any spills right away.
Less Slippery. Hone marble is perfect for marble flooring! When it gets wet, honed marble is far less slippery than polished marble.

Easy Maintenance. It's simple to keep clean. Regular wipe downs with mild detergent, right away cleaning spills, and sealing on a regular basis will help to maintain it in great shape.

Durable. Honed marble is excellent for countertops and high-traffic areas like as hallways and bathroom floors because of its resistance to wear.

Maintenance Tips For Natural Stone Surfaces

Marble Cleaning Tips
Reasons to Trust Marble Renovation
Marble Cleaning Tips
Reasons to trust marble renovation

Polished Marble Characteristics

To state the obvious, polished marble is exactly what it sounds like: polished. The polished surface creates a glossy shine enhanced by the natural reflection in the stone’s crystals.

Stain-resistant. It is polished marble that has been coated, resulting in its distinctive glossy finish. The polishing process protects the floor from easily staining. This covering makes the marble less prone to staining than honed marble.

Scratches are more noticeable.
Because it has such a highly reflective surface, scratches on the surface are far more apparent and obvious than those in its honed counterpart.
Can be slippery. Polished marble is extremely smooth, making it an undesirable choice for flooring in high-traffic areas, especially entrances and bathrooms that may get a lot of water because it can become very slippery when wet.

Easy Maintenance. Polished marble is easily kept clean, like honed marble. Regular wipe downs with mild detergent and immediate cleaning spills when they occur are all that is required to maintain polished marble in excellent shape.

Luxury feel. Polished marble is a popular choice for kitchen and restroom countertops and can be used as an exquisite fireplace surround or accent wall.

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Final Thoughts on the Difference Between Honed Marble vs Polished Marble

In short, the difference between honed marble countertops and polished marble countertops is that honed marble has a more matte finish while polished marble has a more glossy shine.

Honed marble is also more resistant to scratches and staining, but polished marble is easier to clean.
Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which type of finish they prefer. Both types of marble have their own unique benefits that can be suited for different purposes.

Don't forget you can call us anytime if you have any questions or concerns about how best to look after your natural stone countertops or floors.

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