Thassos Marble

Thassos Marble: The Purest White Marble for Luxurious Interiors

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If you’re looking for a luxurious, pure white marble to use in your home décor, Thassos marble is a perfect choice. Named after the small Greek island of Thassos, known for its clear waters and beautiful white sand beaches, this natural stone is sure to add elegance and sophistication to any setting.

White Thassos marble is used by some of the world’s top designers in high-end hotel and residential projects. So if you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your home, Thassos White is a perfect choice!

The white variant of this beautiful stone originates from the Greek island of Thassos, which has been mining it since ancient times.

Thassos Marble

In the Sixth Century BC, people from Thassos exported marble to other nearby countries for the construction of temples and other buildings. At this same time, a sculpture school was established on the island. The Romans used this material extensively between the first and second centuries AD.

Even now, the best-known marble from Greece is Thassos marble.

White Thassos is one of the purest types of white marble. It comes from foreign or Greek quarries. This marble, which is made from natural rock, is considered to be very sturdy, bright, and sparkling.

The Thassos marble has a crystal snow-white color with tiny crystals (crystalline). It was given its distinctive name worldwide because of the small transparent crystals that gave it.

Thassos marble is a premium stone and is a form of Greek marble that gets its name from Thassos Island, which is a Greek island. It has various aliases including White of Thassos, Thassos White Marble, Bianco Thassos, Taxis Snow White, Bianco Taxos, and Pure White Thassos.

Thassos Marble Ratings & Best Maintenance Products

Thassos Marble Ratings

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With over 35 years experience in the natural stone restoration trade we give Thassos Marble the below durability ratings.

Scratch Resistant
Heat Proof

Best Cleaning Product

Best Marble Cleaning Product

By far the best product to clean Thassos Marble Countertops is Lithofin Power Clean. It’s acid free and suitable for all natural stone surfaces.

Best Sealant

Best Marble & Granite Sealer

There are many products in the market designed to seal your natural stone. This is by far the best for Thassos Marble.

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Affiliate Disclosure

We only recommend products we have used ourselves and are happy to recommend to others. This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to yourself.

The look and feel of Thassos Marble

The magnificent white color of snow also reminds us of its Greek origins, where it glows with its own radiance. A material with a unique degree of purity and contrast.

This marble’s distinctive white hue illuminates in any setting it is utilized, and it is very popular. It may be used for both indoor and outdoor bathroom countertops, as well as wall coverings, flooring, pool and fountain caps, monuments, and design projects.

The whitest natural marble in the world is Thassos marble, which is quarried on a remote island. Its purity, white colour and crystal-like sheen are unrivaled, and its source site is beautiful. The veining designs may vary, and it’s typical to observe light veins and a pale gray webbing pattern throughout.

As with all natural stones, the veining patterns can vary, there are sometimes faint orange veins running through the marble, but they are minor. The greatest grade of Thassos marble is cut into small pieces and has a polished, pure, and clear appearance similar to a sugar cube in general.

Where is Thassos Marble Quarried?

There are around ten quarries on Thassos that meet industry standards. For the past 40 years, three of them have been in operation under their respective licenses.

The quarries of Thassos marble, which are located on the island of Thassos and are controlled by the city council rather than the central government, are one of Greece’s most intriguing features.

The mayor and council are in charge of deciding whether or not to give new quarrying licenses. This odd “status quo” dates back to the Ottoman Empire’s creation in the 18th century.

Thassos Marble Top Maintenance Tips

Advantages and disadvantages of Thassos Marble

Advantages of Thassos Marble

Thassos marble is highly prized for its purity and natural beauty. It is a high-end stone that is long-lasting, gleaming, and pure white in hue, which works well with water jet design and mosaic designs. Thassos is also valued for its historical significance and limited supply. Interior designers love Thassos marble and use it often for kitchen countertops.

Durable. Thassos marble is a very dense and durable stone. However, it is still a natural stone and can be scratched or chipped if not handled with care.

Water-resistant. Thassos marble is less absorbent than other types of marble, making it a good choice for areas that are prone to spills or moisture. You will still need to seal Thassos marble to protect it from stains, etching and from becoming dull, but it is a good option for areas where water is present.

Beautiful. Thassos marble is known for its unique purity and sparkling white color. It has a translucent quality that allows light to shine through, giving it a luminous quality.

Versatile. Thassos marble can be used for a variety of applications, both indoor and outdoor. It is commonly used for countertops, flooring, backsplashes, and accents.

Hard-wearing. Thassos marble is more resistant to scratching and staining than other types of marble.

Timeless look that will never go out of style. Thassos marble has a classic, elegant look that will never go out of style.

Hypoallergenic. Thassos marble is a good choice for people with allergies because it does not harbor dust or other allergens.

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Disadvantages of Thassos marble

While marble with no treatment should be avoided, one of the drawbacks of Thassos marble is scarcity if you require larger amounts, a bigger slab, or pieces with special features like white webbing or high quality.

However, if you don’t want something with a specific feature and just want the regular-size marble, you’ll have no trouble finding it.

Some disadvantages of Thassos marble include its high price point and the fact that it is a soft stone, meaning it can scratch and stain more easily than other types of marble. Thassos marble also requires regular maintenance and sealing to keep it looking its best.

Final Thoughts on Thassos Marble

Thassos marble is a luxurious and beautiful natural stone that has many advantages. It is perfect for those who are looking for something elegant and timeless. Thassos marble also requires less maintenance than other types of marble, making it a good choice for busy households.

However, Thassos marble is a soft stone and can scratch or stain more easily than other types of marble. Thassos marble is also more expensive than other types of marble.

Despite these disadvantages, Thassos marble is still a good choice for those who are looking for a beautiful and luxurious natural stone. Thassos marble will add value to your home and can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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