Now, you may be won­der­ing if the main­te­nance of your mar­ble floor may cost you an arm and a leg?

The process of keep­ing your mar­ble floor shiny could not be eas­i­er and cheap­er!

Don’t be fooled into buy­ing expen­sive mar­ble floor chem­i­cals.. The eas­i­est way to keep your floor shiny is by first clean­ing the floor with a damp rag… not too wet, all you want is to remove any dust and dirt from the floor, ensure the floor is dry and then you add the mag­ic… are you ready for it??

All you do is add a bit of pledge (yep, the wood sur­face spray) and apply it to a long head floor brush (sweep­er mop — see below image) make sure that when you apply the pledge to the broom head that you do not make the head wet, if it is wet, allow it to dry before you pass the broom over the floor.

Do this a cou­ple of times a week and your floor will main­tain it’s shine for ages!

Hap­py Days!


sweeper mop dss floors

pledge-aerosols dss floors



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  1. My wife real­ly wants to get mar­ble floors for our kitchen. I have been wor­ried about how expen­sive the main­te­nance might be for it. Your ideas seems like a great and easy way to main­tain the floor. Now we just have to find the mar­ble! Thanks for the ideas!

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