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Marble Vs Granite

Marble vs Granite

Marble vs Granite

Ever wondered what the difference is between Marble vs Granite? Are you wondering what type of stone to use on your floor or kitchen top? Well, look no further! Let’s compare both stones and see which one is fit for purpose.

‘Ding, Ding’ Round 1 ‘Marble vs Granite’…

Firstly, you will need to think about what you will be using the stone for? Although both are natural stones that are quarried from the earth, Marble and Granite are very different stones. Granite is a much denser stone and much more durable, whereas Marble is a much softer stone that is susceptible to staining and scratches.

Let’s concentrate on Marble first…

Marble is one of the most amazingly beautiful and luxurious of stones. It can be tempting to have your kitchen fitted with marble purely because of the beauty of the stone but we would most certainly recommend against this as Marble is a much softer stone and can be very porous which can be a nightmare when cooking with oils a fatty foods.

Marble looks great throughout the home such as in fireplaces, floors, bathrooms etc… just stay away from the kitchen!

Now let’s have a look at Granite

Granite, believe it or not, comes from molten magma, so as you can imagine is a much more durable stone. Granite’s crystalline structure means it is much more resistant to scratches and staining. This means it is the perfect stone for high traffic areas or on kitchen tops where it can take the abuse from a good chef!

So what’s the outcome? Marble vs Granite?

Well, when you compare both stones you can see that granite is stronger, it doesn’t lose its shine easily and does not stain easily in the presence of food acids like fruit juice, coffee or wine.

However, Marble is beautiful and dramatic! It has a variety of colours and different coloured veins whereas granite usually comes in a relatively uniform look across the slab.

So, Although Marble is not as tough as Granite, it is still a very tough stone… Just think of all the marble architecture of ancient Rome that we all still marvel at when we visit our museums!


So, I hope this Marble vs Granite blog has been helpful and has helped you decide which stone if best for you home.

As always, don’t forget to check out our free advice section before deciding on which Marble contractor to go for!

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