Marble Cleaning Tips

Any­one who has Mar­ble in their house knows how frus­trat­ing it can be when the mar­ble becomes dull or stained. So here are a cou­ple of Mar­ble clean­ing tips to help keep that floor nice and shiny!

Mar­ble Clean­ing Tip #1: One of the eas­i­est ways of keep­ing your mar­ble clean is not allow­ing water to stay on the sur­face for too long. If you have mar­ble in your kitchen or bath­room, always wipe away any water that is spilled on the sur­face.

Mar­ble Clean­ing Tip #2: A great way to keep your mar­ble look­ing shiny is using Pledge wood clean­er. Just spray a lit­tle on a dry cloth and buff the mar­ble. Make sure the cloth is not wet as this will leave residue on the mar­ble.


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